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Fast Entry in 2018

2017 was a great year for the economy and in the areas of property, land, construction and development. Rapid growth continues and this holds true for us as well. We noted many clients stepped forward with big ideas, and we proudly delivered upon them.

We noted progress in organizations that are both industrial and rural. This means more jobs and growth. There is also strong indication that the aging baby boom generation means an even greater need for senior living facilities and locations that address this population sector.

As companies such as Amazon continue to grow in usage, the construction of those facilities that distribute goods and services to households will continue to be in high demand. We have played a large part of this distribution growth. Industry trade publications write about continued increase in both residential and consumer markets.

And this looks to continue in both urban and more rural locations.

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Enduring History Gives Us a Glimpse into the Future

Schueler Group has developed and owned land in Southwest Ohio since 1935. One may ask why does this matter? The past is often a viable predictor of the future and when it comes to land use and construction knowledge of what came before us.

This gives those for whom we work staying power.

We have a vision for what works long term.

Our own history commenced during the Great Depression, and when Warren and Butler Counties were large empty land swathes, primarily used for farming. Our predecessors had a vision and it included the land from Cincinnati and north to Dayton. This vision included developing areas where people would live, work and play.

We have been a central component to ensuring that this area become key to a thriving economy and to the lives of families and workers. Our continuing goal is to own, develop, construct and create communities across this region and others.

We do this with an eye for sustainability, utilizing natural beauty while creating livelihoods for our neighbors.

We are a primary supporter of the Little Miami Conservancy – a mission that continues to contribute to the positive welfare of our shared land.

We too live in these communities. Our columns will be about our knowledge and how it assists organizations in their own development decision-making. We invite you here weekly to learn more.