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Henkle Schueler: Our Agents Treat You Like Family

Crystal Duncan has been a professional residential Realtor since 1998 and we are fortunate that she has called Henkle Schueler Realtors, the residential arm of Schueler Group, her home for the past six years.

To her clients, she is family. Many come to her for their first home and return when it is time to sell and purchase their next family home. Crystal works in Clinton, Warren, Highland, Clermont, Hamilton and Montgomery Counties. Her breadth and depth into these markets is significant. Not only does she sell single family homes, but often farms and farm land. Land has been a long time component of Schueler Group’s portfolio.

When asked what it is like to work for Henkle Schueler, Crystal explains, “It is like family. We treat one another like family. Daryl (who runs the residential office, located in Lebanon, Ohio adjacent to the historic Golden Lamb) motivates us. He provides training and support. People at our office look out for each other.”

“Importantly, the company pays great commissions. And when I am working with the buyer and the seller, I lower the commission to make it as painless as possible for the client.”

Crystal has a home staging business, called RealeStaged. This makes the home presentable and ready to sell. Most of her listings sell within two weeks – a testament to her commitment, know-how, understanding of the market and the importance of proper staging.

And Crystal, while successful, has a thriving family life. She and her husband raised four children and he is a homebuilder. In her earlier years she explains that “he built them and I sold them.”

She also laughs and explains that she loves to travel, exercise and shop. Her shopping is about items used in staging that improve the look and feel of the homes she is selling.

When asked about the experience in working with her, she says “I want to keep it fun. It is a stressful time. Listening to the clients is most important.”

Crystal, like other members of the residential team are committed to the buyer and the seller. Importantly, she has the support of Schueler Group with our long tenure of understanding the market and the people in it. To learn more, please call us.

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What is Popping this Year?

Executive Vice President of Henkle Schueler and Associates

I have worked in commercial real estate for 13 years. During that time, we have witnessed trends, strong economic indicators and the serious 2008 downturn. The state of commercial real estate is always in flux, but has some strong components as we enter second quarter.

Northern Kentucky is a prime and hot market. The Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport make that part of the region appealing. We are active in the area as evidenced by our signage and presence. This deals with warehousing, and places such as Amazon and DHL. We are blessed with a centralized transportation region that serves much of the Midwest.

Butler and Warren Counties continue as high growth areas and ones in which we have expertise that dates back decades. We have been active players in growing the region for workers, businesses and residents. We specialize in land development and industrial manufacturing – both key segments of our current economy and growth cycle.

Retail continues to be a question mark the industry as consumer behavior and options have adjusted to adapt to the ease of home delivery. The retail segment is in transition and will not completely go away, but will differ from what we have seen.

It really seems growth about lifestyle, plus the ease and experience for the end user, the consumer.

Industrial will continue to be attractive, with tax cuts available and what we all know to be the “Amazon effect.” We also are witness to what millennials and generations behind them really want and expect. It is our job to be a few steps ahead with offerings that are appealing to developers and investors.

We provide a single point of contact; considerable land options offer choice, expertise in development, construction and property management and an enduring history. Our overall goal is to ensure that we deliver work on time and on budget. Understanding the future and the ability to have a viable vision ensures that we will continue to be a valuable and sought after partner.

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Why History Matters; Understanding Market Trends

Mike Schueler, CEO, The Schueler Group

I have worked in the construction, development, land and real estate business for over 40 years. In that time, we have witnessed the highs and lows of the economy and had a front row seat to growth, trends and market challenges that have confronted us. One must not look far to understand that the economic lows, while they are a challenge, often result in vibrant recovery.

Our organization was founded in 1935 during the middle of America’s Great Depression which ran from 1929-1939. In fact, a real estate boom had occurred in the 1920’s prior to the stock market crash of 1929 – followed by many years of challenge. Our founder, George Henkle, as a young man, saw an opportunity to help out the farming community and began a business as a farm brokerage.

The land that comprises Butler and Warren Counties was farmland and George understood that by working with farmers, an opportunity could be fostered for all. His early transactions included the land upon which King’s Island now sits. George ultimately had an early vision that Cincinnati and Dayton would become one large combined market – which he termed a “Super City.”

At this time the area was farmland, and the Cincinnati “suburbs” were generally south of Norwood.

Fast forward to today, and his vision is nearing reality.

“The ability to persevere during these times includes understanding what types of businesses are necessary throughout the ups and downs.”
By understanding the dynamics of market downturns, we can better forecast and adapt our vision and plan for the future. This requires understanding of the history as well as an optimistic view of the future. This requires planning, perseverance and committed work teams.

The majority of our executives have worked together through both the highs and lows. We understand our customers’ business needs and their vision. Our own vision is about the business success of those for whom we locate land, build facilities and develop and manage properties.

Most businesses continue to endeavor for the long haul. While many would like the “get rich quick” approach, I like to say that we are in the “get rich slow” business. While the former is most appealing, the latter is the more realistic.

The “ boom” (and bust) and the more recent “start- up boom” likely instructs us that most individuals and business organizations do not partake in “get rich quick.” They must accept that success demands hard work, long hours, and a focus that results in solid business planning.

Land, real estate, development and construction are about the deep understanding of market dynamics and the ability to go the distance during both tough and prosperous times. In addition to The Depression, this includes more recent times of 1987 and 2008. In 2008, we witnessed many firms (similar to ours) shutter. We saw the construction business decline, with little growth in the overall economy.

The ability to persevere during these times includes understanding what types of businesses are necessary throughout the ups and downs. Construction continues at all points upon the economy’s continuum and smart businesses understand how to not only respond to a growth economy, but also a challenged one.

It is critical to focus upon lifestyle trends as well as generational activity. 2018 is very much about the impact that the Baby Boom generation has on the overall economy. As this generation ages, they look to where they will live and retire. Both of which heartily impact the development business.

The Millennials also have their own ideas about their lifestyles that include where they will work in proximity to where they live. This impacts transportation, location of their homes (and are these apartments or houses?) and how they spend their leisure time. It also includes wellness, overall individual health, how they consume (online versus malls) and what they do for leisure.

And the business that I run has rapidly led the way in development of the industries that support both the lives of the Baby Boomers and more recent generations. It is up to us to have a vision and know where American lives are headed. Much like our founder George Henkle did.

Article featured in the Goering Center for Family and Private Business- April 2018 Newsletter. 

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Schueler Group Construction Business Still Booming

Kevin is President of Schueler Group’s construction division (Bunnell Hill Construction) and has been so for 25 years. Prior, he was a professional hockey player. He lives in Mason, Ohio with his wife and three children.

Our growth in the construction business has a strong base in relationship building both from an owner and subcontractor standpoint.   Our team prides itself on open communication with owners and our partners in the subcontractor market assuring our projects are completed safely, on time and at or under budget.

A sample of our current work load focuses on 20 plus year national relationships with FedEx Freight and the Tractor Supply Company.  For Freight, we currently are near completion and under construction on two locations in Pennsylvania.  Under construction in Wisconsin, and a recent award for location in Texas.  For Tractor Supply we have just opened a new location in Cadiz, Ohio and are under construction in Kentucky on a new ground-up location.

Closer to home we have added new clients, and are continuing to expand our business relationships. I will address these in more detail in future posts.

Bunnell Hill Construction is proud of our work, and the relationships we have built over the years resulting in new customers and valued long-time friends.

Written By: Kevin Scott

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PetSuites: Signs of the Future

Bill is the Executive Vice President for Schueler’s development team and has been for over four years. He has spent a long career with some of the country’s leading real estate development organizations. He lives in Anderson Township with his wife and two children.

Social media tells us that people are passionate about their pets. This is evidenced from Facebook to Instagram – with many pet feeds surpassing celebrities. And it is with this in mind that we commenced talks with a company called PetSuites Pet Resort and Spa.

We have been selected as one of PetSuites’ national development teams.  As their selected development team- we research potential markets, help with site selection, develop the project and will own the facility and lease it back to PetSuites. By working closely with PetSuites we have been able to work efficiently to ensure an on time and on budget delivery.

Bunnell Hill Development has broken ground on a PetSuites location on Wortham Center Drive, in a suburb of Houston, Texas. This new 14,240 SF pet resort is the first of several projects we hope to complete in the Houston market. We have another site approved and under contract in Sienna Plantation as well as additional sites in Humble and Spring.

We are excited about this relationship and the potential future business with PetSuites.

Schueler Group pays tribute to our learnings from our rich history with a focus on the future – which is where PetSuites is firmly placed.

Written By: Bill Chester 

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Fast Entry in 2018

2017 was a great year for the economy and in the areas of property, land, construction and development. Rapid growth continues and this holds true for us as well. We noted many clients stepped forward with big ideas, and we proudly delivered upon them.

We noted progress in organizations that are both industrial and rural. This means more jobs and growth. There is also strong indication that the aging baby boom generation means an even greater need for senior living facilities and locations that address this population sector.

As companies such as Amazon continue to grow in usage, the construction of those facilities that distribute goods and services to households will continue to be in high demand. We have played a large part of this distribution growth. Industry trade publications write about continued increase in both residential and consumer markets.

And this looks to continue in both urban and more rural locations.

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Enduring History Gives Us a Glimpse into the Future

Schueler Group has developed and owned land in Southwest Ohio since 1935. One may ask why does this matter? The past is often a viable predictor of the future and when it comes to land use and construction knowledge of what came before us.

This gives those for whom we work staying power.

We have a vision for what works long term.

Our own history commenced during the Great Depression, and when Warren and Butler Counties were large empty land swathes, primarily used for farming. Our predecessors had a vision and it included the land from Cincinnati and north to Dayton. This vision included developing areas where people would live, work and play.

We have been a central component to ensuring that this area become key to a thriving economy and to the lives of families and workers. Our continuing goal is to own, develop, construct and create communities across this region and others.

We do this with an eye for sustainability, utilizing natural beauty while creating livelihoods for our neighbors.

We are a primary supporter of the Little Miami Conservancy – a mission that continues to contribute to the positive welfare of our shared land.

We too live in these communities. Our columns will be about our knowledge and how it assists organizations in their own development decision-making. We invite you here weekly to learn more.